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The Techniques of kissing

Now is your chance! The moment you feel the tip of your nose touch her scalp, purse your lips and kiss her, the while you inhale a deep breath of air that is redolent with the exquisite odor of her hair. It is then but a few inches to her ear. Touch the rim of her ear with your lips in a sort of brushing motion. Breathe gently into the delicate shell. Some women react passionately to this subtle act.

Brush past her here in this way again and note her reaction. If she draws her head away, return to her hair and sniff luxuriously of it.

Then: Settle back to her ear, the while you murmur “sweet, airy nothings” into it. From the ear to her neck is but another few inches.

Let your lips traverse this distance quickly and then dart into the nape and, with your lips well pursed, nip the skin there, using the same gentleness as would a cat lifting her precious kittens.

Then, with a series of little nips, bring your lips around from the nape of her neck to the curving swerve of her jaw, close to the ear. Gently kiss the lobe of her ear. But be sure to return to the tender softness of her jaw. From then on, the way should be clear to you.

Nuzzle your lips along the soft, downy expanse until you reach the comer of her lips. You will know when this happens because, suddenly, you will feel a strange stiffening of her shoulders under your arm. The reason for this is that the lips constitute one of the main erogenous zones of the body. The nerve ends in it are so sensitive that the slightest contact with them sends a pleasurable thrill immediately through the nervous system, through the medulla portion of the brain, back through the nervous system again, through branches which connect up with motor nerves, in this case the nerves that control the sphyncter muscles of the mouth and lips, and the sexual glands which were mentioned before.

In plain English, the kissee knows she is to be kissed.

Alright. You have subtly kissed the corner of her mouth. Don’t hesitate. Push on further to more pleasurable spots. Ahead of you lies that which had been promised in your dreams: The tender, luscious lips of the girl you love. But don’t sit idly by and watch them quivering.


Lift your lips away slightly, center them so that when you make contact there will be a perfect union. Notice, only momentarily, the picture of her teeth in her lips. And then, like a sea-gull swooping gracefully down through the air, bring your lips down firmly onto the lips of the girl who is quivering in your arms.

Kiss her!

Kiss her as though, at that moment, nothing else exists in the world. Kiss her as though your entire life is wrapped up into the period of the kiss. Kiss her as though there is nothing else that you would rather be doing. Kiss her!

At this point, it is necessary for us to discuss a few subjects which are germane to the art of kissing, particularly in so far as they apply to what has just been described. For instance, there have been raised quite a a lot of questions in regard to whether one should close one’s eyes while kissing or while being kissed.

Personally, I disagree with those who advise closed eyes. To me, there is an additional thrill in seeing, before my eyes, the drama of bliss and pleasure as it is played on the face of my beloved. I can see tiny wrinkles form at the comers of her eyes, wrinkles of joy. I can see fleeting spasms of happiness flit across her eyes. I can see these things and, in seeing them, my pleasurable reactions to the kiss are considerably heightened. In keeping my eyes open, I am giving pleasure not to one sense alone, the sense of touch, but to two senses, the senses of touch and of sight. These two, coupled with the sense of smell which is actuated by the perfume of her breath, all combine to make the kiss an exquisite, ineffable epitome of unalloyed bliss.

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