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How to kiss girls with different sizes of mouths

Another question which must be settled at this time concerns the size of the kissee’s mouth. A consideration of this factor is important.

Where the girl’s mouth is of the tiny rosebud type, then one need not worry about what to do. Merely follow the directions as they were outlined above.

However, there are many girls whose lips are broad and generous, whose lips are on the order of Julia Roberts’, for instance. The technique in kissing such lips is different since different sizes of mouths require a different technique in kissing!

For were one to allow his lips to remain centered, there would be wide expanses of lips untouched and, therefore, wasted. In such cases, instead of remaining adhered to the center of the lips, the young man should lift up his lips a little and begin to travel around the girl’s lips, stopping a number of times to drop a firm kiss in passing. When you have made a complete round of the lips, return immediately to the center bud and feast there. Feast there as did that lover of Fatimas, in Tennysen’s poem, in which it was written that: “Once he drew, with one long kiss, my whole soul through my lips, as sunlight drinketh dew.”

Then, sip of the honey.

Like the bee that settles on the fragrant pistils of a flower, and sips in the nectar for honey, so should you sip in the nectar from between the lips of your love. And it is nectar. For there is in this mingling a symbol of the holy communion of the spirits of two soulmates, joined together in the bonds of an indissoluble love. It was a kiss such as this which caused the writer of an old German novel to write:

“Sophia returned my kiss and the earth went from under my feet; my soul was no longer in my body; I touched the stars; I knew the happiness of angels!”

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