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Variation Kisses are the spice of love

A variation of the “lip kiss” can be performed very nicely. Instead of pressing the lips together at one spot, start at one corner of the mouth and brush your closed lips across the entire mouth. A variation of this, in turn, is to part your lips slightly and, with the tip of your tongue in the groove that separates the two lips, brush your lips from side to side. Naturally, additional variations to this last variation suggest themselves immediately to the aware practitioner of the kiss. In fact, to such a person there should come up hundreds of other variations to titillate and titivate the senses.

One such variation suggests itself. Technically, it is not exactly a variation but simply a variation in the technique of the ordinary “lip kiss”. It employs the use of the “delayed action” in its execution. The old story of the fox and the grapes which were tantalizingly dangled over his head is the foundation for the method.

Simply, the procedure is this: Just before lowering your lips for the kiss, instead of planting the kiss, draw your head back again. Then hold your lips in readiness but do not kiss. Hold this position for as long as possible the while you smile tantalizingly into the eyes of the girl. Finally, when both you and she can’t stand the suspense any longer, then lower your lips slowly, as slowly as you possibly can, and imprint the seal of love onto the avid mouth of your loved one. After that, the technique calls for no specific action. Kissing, like loving, is instinctive.

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